Bhaktamar Yantra 11 & 12 (Sold)


Twenty Four oil paintings on canvas of this series
3ft x 5 ft

Internationally Renowned Artist
Sadhak Shivaanand Saraswati

Bhaktamar Yantra 1 & 2 (Available)

Meditation On The Feet Of Adi Nath
(The First Master)

The Immortal Gods
Have lusture of their crowns
But when they bow down
With devotion
At the feet of the Great Master
Their inner light is kindled
Which destroys the darkness
Ever and forever.
From these Divine feet
The mortals find the boat
To cross the Ocean
Of endless becoming
Light more light
Life everlasting

Bhaktamar Yantra 41 & 42 (Sold)

The poems are by Shri Makarand Dave.
Bhaktamar book includes poems and 25 paintings.

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